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Calling all braiding novices! If the thought of nailing a French plait sends you into a cold sweat, then we have the ultimate fail-safe hairstyle for you. Introducing, the twisted rope braid. It’s perfect for sassing up a ponytail and looks a lot more complicated than it is! #winning


What Do I Need to Create a Twisted Rope Braid?


Hair bands

Hair grips



0802 pic_1

Step 1 – Sweep hair into a ponytail

Brush through hair and pull back into a high ponytail. Secure into place with a hair band.

0802 pic_2  

Step 2 – Hide the hair band

To keep this look oh-so chic, we’re going to hide the hair band. Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the band. Secure into place with hair grips.

  0802 pic_3

Step 3 – Time to twist

Divide your ponytail into two sections. Twist each side, holding a twist in each hand. Then, wrap the twists together and secure with a clear hair band. 

 0802 pic_4

Step 4 – Finishing touch

To keep your look in place for longer, finish with a spritz of hairspray.



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