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Introducing the all new NATURALS BY WATSONS Rose and Bamboo Skincare range, which harnesses the power of the two powerful ingredients. Check out what’s inside this month’s beauty box for you to keep your skin looking young and healthy.  

NATURALS BY WATSONS Rose & Bamboo Hydrating Cleansing Foam

This foam cleanser removes dirt and impurities, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, refined, and hydrated every single time.

 “A truly pampering experience! This cushiony foam is mild and won’t strip away your skin’s natural oils.”


NATURALS BY WATSONS Rose & Bamboo Hydrating Water Mist

This on-the-go water mist gently nourishes and instantly hydrates your skin with its fine mist while helps boosting essential moisture and skin elasticity. It gives dull, sleepy skin an instant boost of hydration and brightness.

“This mist is super fine, so it doesn’t disturb your makeup or make your skin feel soaking wet. Use it in between your cleansing, essence or cream steps, or whenever your face needs a wake-up call.”

NATURALS BY WATSONS Rose & Bamboo Hydrating Gel Cream

This lightweight gel cream provides instant hydration and helps prevent fine lines as it refreshes and moisturises the skin.

“Cream moisturizers are too heavy for your skin? Try this! It is like a breath of fresh, cool air on the skin. And it’s so lightweight and settles into the skin quickly, leaving skin smooth and moisturized, without any sticky feelings at all.”

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