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Stuck on ideas for the right nail design for a festival? You like to stand out from the crowd, so you’re looking for bold, brilliant and unique, right? Here we prepared some festi-nails just for you. Keep reading if you want to be a #trendsetter. And this time we will introduce brights and gold design.

Brights and gold

0803 pic_1

Step 1:  Paint two coats of white polish on your nails.

0803 pic_2

Step 2: Lightly dab blue, yellow and purple colours on your nails. Use a thin eyeshadow brush to drag the colours towards the centre so they look as if they’re fading into the white.

0803 pic_3

Step 3: Pour a small amount of gold chrome nail varnish onto a piece of paper and dip an eyeshadow brush into it. There should only be a wisp of varnish on the brush.

0803 Main Banner_for adaptation

Step 4: Starting from the outside corners of the nail, gently dust the gold polish over all the colours.




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