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Whether you have long hair or a bob cut, a simple hair band can magically elevate your summer look. Not sure how to perfect this mix-and-match style? Here are a few suggestions for cool, chic looks!


0822 Asian Model_pic 1

Wear It with Flexibility

Wear a flexible hair band around your neck. In the front, adjust the hair band up to meet your forehead. You can also use a square silk scarf instead. Twist it into a long thin roll, then situate the middle of the scarf at the nape of your neck, underneath your hair. Bring the ends up to the top of your forehead and tie them in a beautiful knot.


0822 Asian Model_pic 2

Showoff Your Personality

Look like a rebel! Create a cool and tough look by putting the hair band around your head and casually tying the ends in back.


0822 Asian Model_pic 3

Make a Free-Spirited Ponytail

Who says you have to wear your hair band on your head? Tie it around your ponytail instead, for a chic and charming style!


0822 Asian Model_pic 4

Wrap Your Head

Wrap your hair band or silk scarf high around your head, and there you have it! You can also wear it low for a more sensual look.


0822 Asian Model_pic 5

Go Vintage

Even short hair can have a retro ’60s style! Take a large square silk scarf and fold it in half to make an upside-down triangle. Position it from the base of your skull and bring the ends to the front to make a tiny knot. Stuff the rest of the headband in the front to maximize your retro-chic appeal!


There you’ve got it – five fun easy ways to showcase your hair band! Now, go shopping for a few special hair bands and start embracing some fabulous summer hairdos!



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