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You can create all kinds of dazzling and artistic effects with eyeliners. But which type of eyeliner is right for your style and level of expertise? Check out the three different kinds of eyeliners below to see which one is matches you most!

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Pencil Eyeliner

Are you a beginner, or just prefer thick, simple lines? This makeup comes in two varieties: twist-and-turn eyeliners, and pencil-like eyeliners. The hard tip of this type of eyeliner lets you draw lines with ease, and the lines can be removed quickly, making it simple to avoid or correct mistakes. The low price is also good! However, the thick tip makes it difficult to create thin, precise lines, and the makeup tends to wear and smudge easily.

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Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner comes in two forms: a felt-tip pen or an applicator that you dip into a vial of liquid liner. This eyeliner is ideal for creating vivid and thin lines for flattering flicks, and won’t smudge easily once dry – but be sure to let it dry fully! Beginners may find this eyeliner difficult to handle because it’s not always easy to correct or remove, so be careful not to go overboard with it. One final caveat: Never use liquid eyeliner to line your inner lash lines!

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Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner offers an exciting mid-ground between pencil and liquid eyeliner. It has a more intense colour and is longer lasting and less smudgeable than a pencil, but is easier to blend and control than a liquid. However, it often dries out faster than you can use it, and requires a separate eyeliner brush to use.


With the right eyeliner, you can craft a flawless flick effortlessly! Achieving dazzling liner looks has never been so easy!


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