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In today’s stressful society, hair loss is no longer just a problem of men, and women are slowly experiencing a crisis of hair loss. Most girls think that hair loss is common. Because hair is long and thick, it will fall easily. But sometimes if you drop too much, you will worry about whether your body has any problems. So how much hair fall is abnormal? Follow here and find out if your hair fall is normal or not!

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How to distinguish normal / abnormal hair loss?

In general, Asians have an average of about 10 to 150,000 hairs, and less than 10% of these hairs have stopped growing and entered the so-called old state of death. Among the hair, about 50-150 hairs will fall off naturally every day, which is a normal phenomenon.

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How to tell if your hair fall is normal?

To tell if your hair loss is normal, you can do a simple test. After waking up in the morning, grab hair with your hand. If there are more than 5 hair loss, it may be an abnormal phenomenon. It is suggested to check with your doctor.

Of course, if you notice that your hair is sparse in a particular area of ​​your scalp, you should also be aware that your hair density has often been reduced by more than 30%. In addition, when you take a bath, you can block the drain hole and calculate the amount of hair fall after bathing. However, by this way, it is best to wash your hair every day, and then count for more than one week and get the average number to minimise the error.



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