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Concealer is a makeup product that helps you hide a multitude of things that may bother you most about your skin. It can also brighten up your complexion and help you achieve a smooth and flawless looking. Wondering how to apply concealer correctly? Let’s learn the tricks below to make use of your concealer.

Hide redness

You might have found that no matter how many times you dab concealer around your nose, it never seems to stick. To conceal the redness around the nose, you can use an oil-absorbing setting powder after applying concealer. This can make sure the concealer is properly set in place to keep any redness hidden throughout the day.

young beautiful woman apply concealer under the eyes and around her nose

Cover up breakouts

This one is probably the most common cover-up concern, and often the hardest. To avoid spreading the bacteria, you should first sanitize the pimples with a blue light device or hand sanitizer. Then, following with primer, concealer and foundation. These extra steps can actually make sure your makeup and conceal setting in place. And you will find it worth.

Teenager problems

Conceal scars

You should first define the scar is raised or flat as it will affect what kind of formula you should choose. For the raised scars, it is suggested to use a creamy, lightweight concealer. If your scar is flat, a thicker and more matte formula should be your choice.

large scar on on face the cheek of a man. Mangle, wound, cut of a knife. Unrecognizable, close macro.

Use as a primer

If you don’t want to spend extra on eye shadow primer, your concealer can be your savior. It helps prevent your eye shadow from falling off your lid.

Closeup shot of a beautiful young woman in the studio


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