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Summer came, I believe that many girls are beginning to face different skin problems, acne problems caused by excessive oil discharge, body odor caused by excessive sweating. And hair will also start to have head oil because of the hot weather. To improve the problem of greasy hair, it is not only a shampoo that can be solved. Following the guide here and you can easily become goddess in this summer!


Don’t over-wash your hair

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What can you do when you find you have oily hair? I guess most of you will wash your hair! In fact, it is not good for us to over-wash our hair, because it will make the scalp think that there is not enough oil and then produce more oil instead, so it is enough to wash once every other day in summer.


Sleep earlier in the evening

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If you fall asleep late, your body’s hormones will increase, and the secretion of oil will be excessive. In resulted, the situation of head oil will become more serious. Thus, try to sleep earlier in order to give yourself enough time to take a rest.


Reduce absorption of excess oil and sugar

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Oil and sugar will not only be fat, but will also stimulate the proliferation of head oil and increase oil secretion. Reduce the absorption of excess oil and sugar can help to solve the problem of greasy hair.


Change shampoo regularly

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Using the same type of shampoo for a long period of time will cause the accumulation of same type of oil on the hair. Therefore, shampoos should be changed regularly to wash away the oil in the shampoo.


Wash your hair properly

Many people think that they know how to wash their hair, but they may not know the proper steps of washing hair. First, rinse your hair with warm water, then rub the shampoo with your palm until it is blistering. Then start massaging your hair and finally clean with water. for the second wash, use the same procedure but make sure the shampoo stays on the hair for two minutes so that the scalp can be removed effectively.


Hair affects other people’s perception of you. Keep in mind the above tips to make sure you can have fresh hair anytime and anywhere in the summer.




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