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When it comes to keeping your look fresh, your hairstyle can be just as important as your face! Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can use your hair to revamp your image, like changing its style and colour. But even if you have experience with dyeing your hair, there might be a few dos and don’ts that you may not be aware of. Let’s review!

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Don’t wash your hair the day before you dye it

Washing your hair strips away your scalp’s natural oils. This can expose your skin to the harsh chemicals and allow them to penetrate too deeply.

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Avoid hair product build-up

Make sure your hair is product-free before dyeing it. Hair products can interfere with and affect the colouring procedure.

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Apply Vaseline/lotion

When dyeing your hair, it’s easy to accidentally stain your hairline or the back of your ears. If you apply Vaseline or lotion to those areas before you dye, you can clean away any stray dye much more easily afterwards.

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Don’t dye your hair during menstruation

Many women may not realise it, but our skin gets more sensitive during menstruation.

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Don’t leave your dye on for more than an hour

There’s a myth that says the longer you leave your hair dye on, the more vivid the colour will be. Busted! Busted! Busted! (Say it 3 times because it’s important.) Leaving hair dye on too long will only damage your hair. You can keep it on for up to 1 hour – after that, wash the chemicals away.

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Rinse your hair after you dye it

After you dye your hair, rinse off the chemicals with warm water, then wash it with shampoo.


Don’t forget to condition your hair afterwards, too!

To maintain your hair’s beautiful new colour, use the same post-dye shampoo each time, and always apply post-dye conditioner to replenish your hair’s proteins and moisture. Also, consider choosing an acidic shampoo and conditioner rather than the less-mild alkaline-based ones that can easily dissolve the dye’s molecules, causing your hair colour to fade quickly.




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