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Nails can tear for many reasons: They’re weak; they’re soft; they’ve been soaking in water for too long…Unfortunately, knowing the reasons behind broken nails doesn’t help the depressing feeling when one of your nails cracks. Truth is, you don’t need to file all the nails down to match the ruined one, because all you need is a tea bag. Yes seriously, a cut up tea bag can repair a broken nail.


Tea Bags

Most of the tea bags are made of thin, fibrous paper. When this paper is stuck to nails, it covers up cracks without adding bulk, which makes it an ideal temporary and yet durable way to repair even the weakest or badly broken nails.

 0621 pic_1_0

How to Fix Broken Nail

0621 pic_2_0
It’s very easy to do as well, first of all, take off all the polish and hand lotion off your broken nail. Then cut off the tea bag and empty out the leaves, cut a piece out of the bag that is about the length and width of half of your finger nail. After that, apply your base coat, wait for it to become tacky finish, then put the teabag cutout to the face of the broken nail. Make sure the crack is completely covered, then you can smooth it down with your finger or with a toothpick so that the cutout adheres to the base coat.

0621 pic_3_0

Apply another layer of base coat, now you can see the tea bag turn translucent. Once the coating is totally dry, file the face of your nail with the finest side of your nail file until everything is totally smooth, then apply another layer of base coat. Trust us, after these steps, you won’t be able to tell which fingernail has been repaired with the tea bag! You can make it look even better by painting over it!




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