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Thought that your nail art skill was on par with a ‘Pinterest fails’ gallery? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But, every beginner has to start somewhere, and practice really does make perfect. So, if you’re looking for a novice-level design before you try a more ambitious look, then this polka dot nail art is a great starting point. And it looks fabulous too!

0220 pic_1

Step 1 – Begin with the base

File down your nails until they are all similar in shape and length. Then coat your nail with a base colour. We’ve gone for white as we want a striking monochrome finish but feel free to explore any shade among your nail polish collection. Apply two coats and leave to dry.  

0220 pic_2

Step 2 – Go dotty

Dip a nail art/cuticle stick in black nail polish. To double check you’ve got the right amount of polish to create the perfect dot do a couple of tests on a piece of paper. Once you’re happy, create dots all over the nail.

 0220 pic_3

Step 3 – Top coat

After the dots have completely dried, finish with a glossy top coat to seal your design for longer. We’ve gone for a single dotty nail look, but you can alternate dots and colours or go dotty all over. The choice is yours!













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