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Wearing contact lenses for a whole day or improperly may lead to dry eyes. Most of the causes can be managed easily. How to look good, feel great and see well? Here are some rules that people with dry eyes should follow.

Contact lens, case and tweezers on grey background.

(1) Wear the right contact lenses and wear the contact lenses right

You should consult your eye doctor to check your eyes and get the right fit contact lenses. If you suffer from dry eyes, you can choose a lightweight material and watery contact lens that is more breathable and has high moisture level. Wear contact lenses right also can reduce the irritating symptoms.  Do not sleep in your contact lenses. Your contact lenses do not allow your eyes to receive oxygen. It may cause the infection on your cornea.

Hygiene. Cleaning Hands. Washing hands.

(2) Change contact lens solution

According to optometrist’s advice, you should use a new contact lens solution to remove the dirt on the lenses every time. Reusing contact lens solution may cause inflammation and infection. The contact lens case should be cleaned properly too. Remember to wash your hands before touching the lenses first. Empty and rinse the case with contact lens solution. Then, put it upside down to dry. For people with dry eyes, use a high moisture contact lens solution to soak and store your lenses.

Disposable Daily Use Contact Lenses

(3) Use fresh contact lenses to avoid infection

Even you clean your contact lenses with solution after every wear, the lipids and proteins are built on the lens over time that your tears are difficult to remove. It will make your eyes dry and uncomfortable. Irritating debris and bacteria will also accumulate on your lens. You may suffer from allergies or infections. Change to wear daily disposable contact lenses can minimize the irritants on the lens.

Closeup of eyedropper putting liquid into open eye.

(4) Use artificial tears when your eyes are dry

If you wear your contact lenses for long hours, your eyes may feel dry and tired easily. You should bring along artificial tears. Artificial tears can be used to prevent dryness or moist your eyes instantly. It can alleviate the discomfort of dry eyes symptom. You are better to choose the preservative-free formula if you use it too often.   


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