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Feeling sluggish all the time? Reaching for a cup of coffee sounds like a quick fix, yet when the caffeine wears off you feel even more sleepy. In fact, there are other fatigue-fighting, healthy foods that can perk you up better than a cup of coffee. Add these energy-boosting foods below to your diet and fuel your body with steady, sustained energy.

#1 Oatmeal

Start your morning right with a bowl of oatmeal to give your body energy that will last for hours. It is because whole grains like oatmeal are absorbed slower, and therefore give you a long-lasting energy boost. Oatmeal packets might be quick and easy, but they normally contain an extra amount of sugar, which will cause a blood sugar spike and drop after eating, leaving you feeling sluggish again. 

Rolled oats or oat flakes and golden wheat ears on wooden background. Concept of agriculture, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle

#2 Bananas

Grab a banana when you are running low on energy. Rich in carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6, bananas are a wonderful energy food that will keep you going and stay alert throughout the day. Eat them plain or slice one on top of your yoghurt or oatmeal breakfast bowl.

Banana bunch

#3 Avocados

Rich in healthy fats and fibre, avocados keep you feeling full for hours and help to maintain steady energy levels. More than that, this superfood is packed with B vitamins, that helps your cells turn food into fuel. Go ahead and eat that avocado toast as your morning pick-me-up.

Young Caucasian Woman in Black Apron Holding in Hands Ripe Beautiful Halved Organic Australian Avocado with Pit. Healthy Lifestyle Vegan Vitamin E Oil. Creative Minimalist Food Poster Banner

#4 Almonds

Just a handful of almonds help fend off fatigue. These brownish little nuts are high in protein, fibre with a good deal of healthy fats, and are an excellent source of manganese that helps boost energy levels in your mind and body. Falling asleep at work, in the middle of the day? Go and grab a handful of raw almonds can help take you from sleepy to supercharged.

Almonds on black paper background. Close-up.

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