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Excessive sweating makes you feel sticky and produce unwanted odors. How to reduce sweat and avoid obvious sweat marks on your clothing? Here are some useful life hacks for people who sweat too much.

Closeup on happy young woman applying deodorant on underarm

(1) Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Excessive sweating will lead to more bacteria growth on your skin and produce stinky body odors. Underarms are more prone to bacteria growth as there are prime breeding grounds for bacteria. You can swipe or spray deodorant on your armpits. It helps to mask unwanted body odors. You can also use a strong antiperspirant to block sweat to reduce the growth of bacteria.

Woman cleaning her hands with a wet baby wipe isolated on a white background

(2) Wet Wipes

Excessive sweating not only occurs on your armpits but also your hands, forehead, cheeks or feet. Wet wipes are handy products which can remove sweat and dirt on your skin instantly. These wet wipes can apply to your face and body to make you feel more comfortable and refreshing. You can also choose some wet wipes containing active antiperspirant ingredients that can avoid body sweating.

a container of spilled baby powder isolated on yellow background.

(3) Baby Powder

For people with sensitive skin, baby powder is a good option. Baby powder is mild. It can absorb your sweat effectively and act as a skin protectant to keep your body dry. Even some baby powders can offer you a nice smell and a cooling effect. Excessive sweating will make your hair oily and greasy. You can use baby powder as a dry shampoo. Shake some baby powder on your scalp and massage hair roots with your fingertips. It can absorb excess hair oil.    

Stack of colorful perfectly folded v neck t-shirts on white wooden texture table background. Pile of different pastel color shirts and sweaters. Background, close up, top view, copy space for text.

(4) Wearing Cotton and Breathable Clothes

Wearing breathable clothes with large armpit holes, which are made of natural fabrics like cotton and linen, can allow better airflow. These clothes absorb your sweat quickly, help you dry out faster and leave less obvious sweat marks. Wearing clothes in darker colours like black and navy can avoid yellow stains and obvious sweat stains on clothing.


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