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You feel like your hair gets greasy just a few hours after you wash it?  Keep reading and find out the most common greasy hair causes you’ve never considered and learn how to stop it.  

#1 Stress

Stress makes your hair greasy as your oil-producing glands are sensitive to stress level. So, if you are stressed, chances are your hair is only going to get greasier, because changes in hormone levels can lead to increased oil production on the scalp. Try to calm your nerves, you will feel better and your hair will look better too. 

Young woman holding her head.

#2 Using hot water to wash your hair

Hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands on the scalp and encourages them to produce more sebum. This means it makes your hair greasy. You need a temperature that’s high enough to get rid of dirt and grime. Just above body temperature (around 38°C) is perfect to keep your hair clean and fresh.

Asian women bathing and she was bathing and washing hair.she is happy

#3 Using the wrong/too much products

Using the wrong products for your hair type or overusing products – conditioner, serum, hair gel, hair and the like – can cause a build-up of product on your scalp that wreaks havoc on the functioning of the sebaceous glands. The build-up of product at your roots can trap oil and weigh your hair down, making your already greasy hair even greasier.

closeup of liquid soap in a palm

#4 Heat styling your hair too much

Heat styling your hair through regular use of blow dryers, straightening irons, and curling wands encourage your sebaceous glands to work in overdrive and produce more sebum. You should also make sure you clean your hairbrushes and heat tools regularly as you can transfer oils and dirt to the hair if your styling tools are dirty.

Asian woman drying your hair after showering


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