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Hair styling requires a healthy, thick and strong hair to do so. It is possible for everyone to get a long and thick hair. Here are the daily and handy tips that for you to grow a healthy hair naturally.

Proper hair products

It is found that there are only 1.25 mm between hair follicles and the scalp, so the shampoo ingredients can actually affect the hair grow. If you look for a long and thick hair, find hair products with chemical-free and rich in vitamin E, B5 and natural ingredients. Those nutrients can help grow long, thick and healthy hair.

small shampoo bottles in wodden basket in hotel room

Massage your scalp

Scalp is like our hair skin. you can’t grow a healthy hair without a healthy scalp. You can start the scalp massage at hairline and continue moving across your heads in small movement for 5-10 minutes. The oils can also help decrease your stress levels to avoid hair thinning. It is suggested to massage you scalp with essential oils twice a week to active the follicles to the growth status.

Women itching scalp damaged hair, Haircare concept.

Dry hair naturally

The heat from hair dryer can damage your hair and make it crack. Tap your wet hair lightly with towel. Leave your hair dry naturally without further touching. It can keep your hair grow healthily.

Wiping wet hairs

Trim your hair

To get a long and thick hair, it is important to remove split ends to make your hair grow health and strong continuously. You can get a trim at a salon or simply snip the dead ends by yourself in every 4-6 weeks. If you don’t take such trim action seriously, the split could upward and break your hair off as a result. 

Long Hair isolated on white

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