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Feeling down? A plate of fries or chocolate bar may temporarily lift your mood up a bit, but such good mood doesn’t last long before hitting rock bottom again. In fact, eating junk food makes a bad mood worse.  Below we have listed out five mood-plumping foods that can put you in a better mood. Be sure to add these happy foods to your shopping cart on your next visit to the supermarket.  

#1 Bananas

Bananas are loaded with tryptophan, a brain chemical that helps to regulate mood, as well as vitamins B6 and C, potassium, carbohydrates etc. Tryptophan and vitamin B6 work hand in hand with one another as the latter helps convert the former into the feel-good hormone serotonin. Feeling blue? Eat a banana!

Bananas on wood table.

#2 Apples

An apple a day does keep the doctor and mood swings away. Apples offer a dose of quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that can boost your mind and mood. Next time you want a snack, skip the chocolate bar and grab an apple instead.

Fresh organic honey crisp apples

#3 Eggs

Eggs are packed with a high content of mood-boosting nutrients – think omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, B vitamins and folate, and they are a great source of high-quality protein that can keep you full and energized long after you eat them. Start your morning right, crack some shells, and have them cooked however you like, scrambled, sunny-side-up or poached.

Fresh brown and white eggs in steel bowl on rustic wood background with copy space. Top view. Natural healthy organic food, cooking concept

#4 Tomatoes

Lycopene, an incredible antioxidant found in all tomatoes, helps to fight the build-up of pro-inflammatory compounds linked to depression. Since lycopene is a fat-soluble nutrient, you should eat tomatoes with some olive oil to increase absorption. And remember to go for organic ones for higher lycopene levels.

wet red cherry tomatoes in plastic basket on wooden background

#5 Wild salmon

Studies have shown that people deficient in healthy fats may be more susceptible to depression and low mood. Eating this fatty fish, rich in mood-plumping omega-3 fats, can stabilize moods, decrease depression and improve memory and focus. Dinner ideas? A pan-fried salmon fillet makes a healthy, delicious and happy meal.

Raw salmon on the wooden board


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