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About 80% of people suffer from neck pain at some point in their lifetime. It may be the cause of incorrect posture, sleeping in a bad position and sitting without moving the neck for a long time. Here comes to everything you need to know about the neck pain so that you can relieve your pain.


In general, most people who suffer from neck pain will have the symptoms include:

1.difficult to move their neck

2.tight muscle in neck, shoulders and arms pain in one spot


If the pain is more serious, you may have the symptoms such as:

1.problems with lifting objects

2.radiating the neck pain into shoulder and arm

Asian businesswoman touching massaging stiff neck to relieve pain in muscles working in incorrect posture.

Relieve neck pain

If it is just a stiff neck that easily to be ignored, you can take the below actions to ease the pain:

1.apply a cold pad four times a day for the first two to three days. After on, apply a heat pad or take a hot shower to loosen tight muscles to the neck.

2.avoid holding the phone between your ear and shoulder

3.move your head slowly in side-to-side and up-and-down motions to stretch your neck every day

4.have a gentle neck massage

5.correct the poor posture

Blue microwave heating pad isolated on white background. Cold and hot wrap for shoulder,  neck, back, and body pain relief therapy.


If you find the neck pain getting worse and persisting beyond three weeks, you should consult a physician to evaluate your situation. Persistent pain leads to severe headaches, weakness in arms or legs, weight loss and loss of balance. So that if you have the above symptoms, you should call your doctor to have the correct treatment.

Doctor reassuring Vietnamese woman

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