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Muscle soreness is a common symptom after an intensive workout. It can be a sign of muscle injury. How to recover tight and worn out muscles fast and avoid its impacts on your performance? Here are 4 ways to get rid of muscle soreness.

Shot of a young attractive woman stretching in a gym

(1) Stretching

Stretching is a good way to prevent sore muscles. Stretch your muscles for 15 minutes after a rigorous workout can loosen up muscles to avoid injury and relieve the soreness. Spending time to cool down your muscles also helps your body recover faster. Even, you can roll a high-density foam roller on the sore muscles to minimize the tenderness.

Close-up Of A Person Applying Ice bag On An Injured Knee In The Gym

(2) Using a Heating Pad and Ice Pack to Relieve the Pain

Using a heating pad and ice pack alternatively is a speedy therapy to heal your body. Using a heating pad can diminish muscle soreness and boost blood circulation. In contrast, using an ice pack can contract blood vessels and slow down the metabolism. Warming and cooling effects can relieve muscle pain and soreness effectively.

knee joint

(3) Getting a Massage

Massage sore muscles can release tension and relax your body. Self-massage is a great post-workout treatment to minimize the production of cytokines and compounds that cause inflammation. Meanwhile, massage can promote and repair cell functions.  

Yalta, Russia - November 2, 2015: closeup slender and beautiful legs of woman running  in compression socks. fitness and exercise in forest during Mountain marathon "Vertical kilometre AI-Petri"

(4) Compression Gear

Researches found that compression gear like compression socks can reduce muscle soreness significantly. Wearing compression gear helps to promote blood circulation and remove an enzyme “creatine kinase” in muscles that will cause muscle pain after exercising. This can shorten the recovery time of the body.


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