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Diets high in sodium increase blood pressure levels. High blood pressure damages the kidneys over time and is a leading cause of kidney failure. More than 70 percent of the sodium we eat comes from packaged and restaurant foods. Therefore, you may get more sodium than you need, even if you never pick up saltshaker. Here are the tips to lower your sodium intake and stay healthy.

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Select packaged foods carefully

If you intend to buy the packaged foods, compare labels and choose the product with the lowest amount of sodium (per serving) in the store. Look for the “no salt added” or “sodium-free” labels, it means the products have less than 5 mg per serving. Reading the food label can help to lower your daily sodium intake.

Close up of homemade biscuits packaged in cellophane packets on a shelf

Choose fresh meats if possible

The content of fresh cuts of beef, chicken or pork contains natural sodium that much less than the hidden extra sodium added during processing in products like bacon or ham. It is suggested to prepare your own meat meal as you can limit the salt in recipes.

Image of packaged meat with woman hand in the supermarket

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh vegetable and canned fruits without salty sauces are always low in sodium. Bear in mind that when they’re added to a casserole, salad or other mixed dishes, you should still keep it from salty seasoning to make sure it is healthy enough to eat.

Healthy eating, assortment of fruits and vegetables in rainbow colours background, top view, selective focus

Look for alternatives

Instead of salt, you can add salt-free spices to your food, such as coriander, black pepper, ginger, rosemary, marjoram, thyme, tarragon, garlic or onion powder. And, you can keep them in the front and center on your kitchen table to help you break the habit of salting your food.

Variety of spices and herbs on kitchen table.


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