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In the summertime, the hot weather makes you lazy to cook. Fast food, cold drinks and ice cream…are what we think of all the time. However, sisters, please don’t be tempted! In fact, we are more in need to say good bye to junk food in Summer. When you can avoid junk food, your body will appear 6 amazing changes which can encourage you to complete this “impossible mission!”


Nude makeup is no longer a dream

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You may all discover that even you prepared your makeup well at home, it will run after you go out for just few minutes. Nude makeup is your good choice for summer. But if you found that your skin is not perfect for it, rather than changing the makeup base, you should better adjust your diet.


Frying foods are high in oil and fat, leading to imbalances in skin oils and result in acne and running makeup problems. Together with high-sugar foods such as chocolate, ice cream, and cakes, sebum and acne increase. Thus, try to reduce the consumption of foods that are high in oil and sugar for your skin to have self-repair. After having glowing skin, you can apply fewer cosmetics products on face and let your skin to relax in this hot summer.


Reduce fat accumulation

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Cheese burger, French fries, cola, and an ice cream, the total calories of such a meal has exceeded the amount of heat you need for the entire day! You should all know that the excess calories will turn into fat, and it is mainly stored in the most visible arm, thigh, and waist. Moreover, junk food is lack of dietary fiber which is used for filling and maintains metabolic nutrition, even though you feel full after a fast food meal, you will feel hungry again quickly and eat more and more in resulted!


You may think that it’s not a big deal to eat junk food once or twice a week. However, junk food is difficult to digest in our body and will inhibit the absorption of other nutrients. Once you eat, it takes eight times more to recover! Thus, try to eat natural, unprocessed ingredients, and your body will slim down naturally.


Your partner will want to be closer to you

0638 pic_3

This is certainly not a love cure. It is only because junk food obstructs our body from detoxifying naturally. It will increase the chance of having body odor and bad breath. Even your “little sister” may be affected!


Your partner may not stay away from you because of the problems mentioned above, but to erase these embarrassing annoyances, he will want to get closer with you more! It is suggested to eat more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to help reduce body odor and other issues.


Improves quality of sleep

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Fatty foods interfere with the normal operation of the brain’s nervous chemicals which are responsible for promoting sleep. High-sugar foods rapidly increase blood sugar after being digested. Excessive blood sugar levels also make us difficult to fall asleep. Then the body has to work hard to digest junk food and cannot sleep well.


If your sleeping quality is poor, no matter how long you sleep, you always feel tired or even irritable. What’s even more frightening is that if you don’t have enough sleep, your body mistakenly believes that there is not enough energy. Instead, it will make you eat more to get more energy. This is a vicious cycle! So, keep less oil and less sugar, especially for dinner, choose healthy food like bananas, oats, honey, etc., can make you sleep better.


Now you know that junk food is not that attractive. Try to avoid them and start your healthy diet for a better me this summer!






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