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Holiday fast approaching and feeling sluggish? A pre-holiday detox is just what you need.

Our Summer detox tips will help your mind and body to feel its absolute best for the holidays.  Get ready to hit the reset button!

It’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different and reacts in different ways to changes so be mindful of what you think your body will be able to handle. These recommendations should ideally be started a couple of weeks before your holiday and are also work for a post-holiday detox! 

Tip 1 – Hydrate

0739 pic_1

Start each day with a glass of room temperature water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to flush the system.  The vitamin C in the lemon juice will give your immune system a boost and helps improve digestion by loosening toxins in your digestive tract. You should aim to drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the day.


Tip 2 – Body Brush Pre-Shower

0739 pic_2

Did you know that a third of your body’s toxins are emitted through your skin? A healthy lymphatic system is key to removing these toxins from the body. Dry body brushing is the best way to ‘clean’ your lymphatic system which in turn improves the removal of toxins from the body.

Body brushing should be done before a shower and ideally in the morning as toxins are built up during sleep. Brush the entire body by starting at the feet and slowly moving towards the heart. It should take about 5 minutes. A long-handled brush is useful for all those hard to reach areas of your body.


Tip 3 – Alternate shower temperature

0739 pic_3

Switching from hot and cold temperatures whilst showering is extremely beneficial for the body and general health. The cold water will trigger the flow of circulation to be directed inward towards the internal organs. The hot water will then direct the flow of circulation outwards again to the skin. To move the flow of circulation in and out is great as it unblocks any static flow, increases the rate of detoxification and also moves essential nutrients to parts of the body.


Tip 4 – Exercise

0739 pic_4

Whatever your favourite form of exercise is, whether it’s walking, Pilates or an intense workout at the gym – keep doing it! It’s important to keep your body moving throughout the detox process as it will help to keep your lymphatic system flowing and in turn remove the toxins from the body.


Tip 5 – Go herbal/Go organic

0739 pic_5

If you’re an avid fan of coffee, during detox limit yourself to one cup per day. The best alternative when trying to detox are herbal teas such as green or jasmine teas. Peppermint or ginger tea are perfect in-between meals as they speed up the process of digestion.

Eating right during a detox is also very important, you don’t want to be putting all those nasty toxins back into your body! Eat plenty of fruit and veg and try and opt for organic foods which contain fewer pesticides.



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