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Everybody wants to wake up with a good hair day. But, both of us know it isn’t something easy. There are some days your hair is dry and brittle due to lots of reason, such as weather, wrong shampoo, daily heat styling and permed. Whatever the reason is, we are always here to provide tips & tricks to prevent dry and brittle hair.

1. Trim off the split ends

Treating split ends somehow is similar to treating your bad lover, you need to be determined to cut it off. When your hair is damaged or too dry, it is hard to style or make the hair shine again. The only way-out is to visit your stylist and trim off unhealthy hair off at one go. Most importantly, you can ask advice on healthy hair care routine for your hair type and length.

close up of a hairdressers hands cutting wet hair in a hair salon.

2. Take supplements

When it comes to supplements, most people only associated with physical health. Yet, certain Vitamin can boost the growth of our skin, nail, and hair. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and the mineral iron will all contribute to hair that looks healthy.

Supplement vitamin multivitamin health herbal alternative antioxidant

3. Don’t over-wash your hair

Many people misunderstand that the more they wash their hair, it looks more clean and healthy. On the flip side, over-washing your hair would remove hair of sebum from your scalp too. Sebum of hair is a natural oil to keep your hair shiny and easy to maintain. To maintain balanced sebum of your hair, better not wash your hair more than once a day.

Woman happy in shower at bathroom

4. Lower the heat styling

We know that styling your hair with heat is your daily hair routine, and it may be a reason for dry and brittle hair.  Research shows that high heat styling created significant damage to your hair. If you want to prevent dry or brittle hair from heat styling, you may either lower the heat setting or keep your hair at least 6 inches away from the dryer.

Woman drying her hair with a hair dryer at home in Japan


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