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Office ladies sit for a long time at office, at least 8 hours a day, sometimes even need to have OT after work. Takeaway will then become the only choice of their dinner, resulted in intaking of large amounts of starch, carbohydrates etc. In long term, big butts and elephant legs exist. No worries! You can simply keep your body shape by making a slight change on your daily life.

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Tofu Fat Burning Beauty Diet

Recently, tofu diet becomes a tread to achieve weight loss. Eat 50 ~ 100g of tofu everyday can promote pituitary growth hormone secretion and increase the formation of muscle tissue for improving the body’s basal metabolic rate and achieving weight-loss effect at last. Studies showed that tofu diet can help to reduce 5kg in a month and improve constipation problems. Besides, tofu can even help to improve our skin.


Tofu Diet Recipes

Eat normally for breakfast and lunch and choose 1 tofu meal for dinner. For cooking methods, you just need to avoid frying, braised, boiled and fried can also be your choices.

Vinegar Bean Curd
Ingredients: tofu, rice vinegar 50 grams
How-to do: Add oil on the pot, and put tofu in it after oil is heated. Fry for a moment and add vinegar, salt and some gourmet powder.

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Tofu Miso Shir
Ingredients: Half of tofu, four tablespoons of miso, 1 potato, 1 zucchini, 2 peppers, a few of dry clam meat. 3 red peppers, a spoon of chili and a spoon of garlic

How-to do: First, prepare ingredients, cut them into pieces and soak dry clam meat. After all,
add clam meat into boiled water for clam soup. Then, add garlic, potatoes, bean curd, zucchini, green and red peppers, bamboo fungus white miso and chilli sauce into the soup. (Remember to add ingredients in the right order. Potato is not easy to be fully cooked, so it need to be ass first. Put tofu in 5 minutes after potato is cooked. Make sure you use stew fire for simmer.

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Tofu Soup
Ingredients: Tofu 50 ~ 100g, 50g glass noodles, cabbage 100g, kelp 100g, tomato 100g
How-to do: Wash cabbage, kelp, and tomatoes with water, chop the tofu, cabbage and tomato into pieces. Then put all the ingredients into the pot and add about 1000cc of water to cook.

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Bitter Melon Tofu
Ingredients: Tofu 50~100g, 1 bitter melon, ground meat 100g, a little onion, a small amount of soy sauce
How-to do: After the bitter gourd is washed, hollow it out and cut it into pieces. Chop tofu into pieces and put them into a bowl with ground meat, onion and soy sauce. Use a spoon to mix them together. Then, put the well-mixed ingredients into the hollowed bitter melon. At last, put them into electric pot and steam for 1 – 1.5 hours.

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