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Not only we have a trend for fashion and makeup, we also have trend for fitness. In 2018, HIIT is a hot trend, what is the top 5 fitness trend for 2019? Thanks to the mobile technology, we are no longer limited by venue and time, we can even join a streaming exercise class at 3am if we like. Let’s know more about the fitness trend for 2019!

1. Streaming Exercise

Running late of your exercise class? Thanks to the streaming technology, there will be no time constraints for exercise! There are lot of apps allow you to get your streaming lessons anytime and anywhere, it can be cardio, yoga, weight training and dancing program. Better yet, the length of streaming exercise is totally flexible, ranging from 10-20 minute. You have no excuse for skipping your exercise! No matter you are beginners or guru, you can also find the right level for your workout.

A woman exercising on a spin bike using an online instructor inside a home.

2. 30 minute Workout

You are too busy for a session of 50-60 minute workout. The 30 minute workout will be advocated in 2019, this workout session will be more intense and help you burn your calories more effectively! It also helps you to boost up your level of endorphins and elevate your metabolism!

Shot of a fitness group working out together in a gym

3. Power Yoga

Yoga will no longer be a static workout, Power Yoga will make you break a sweet. What is Power Yoga? It is the vinyasas style of Yoga which is vigorous and fitness based approach. Poses are very various, yet, there must be flow between every pose.

front view of young  woman in balanced yoga pose, dressed colorful indor studio

4. Mindfulness Workout

In 2019, workout is no longer the training for your body, but it is also for your brain, especially we are in the era of emotional intelligence. You will not only learn how to calm your emotion during your meditation class, but also learn how to strategically boost your mood and make your brain healthier. Thanks to the mobile app, you may also do your mindfulness workout through app.

Young slim woman doing yoga exercises outdoors on the bridge.

5. Barre Workout

Barre Workout is a hot trend workout. But, what is it? It is the hybrid workout combining with Pilates, dance, yoga and weight training. You will have to maintain your balance during exercises that focus on isometric strength training. Barre is a workout that helps you to strengthen your core muscle and increase your body balance with low impact; it is very suitable for people who recover from injury. 

Pilates and ballet fitness stretching and yoga studio gym bar equipment and dancer stretching.


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