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Too busy to go to the gym? Let it come to you! We’ve put together 5 exercises to do at home before or after work. That’s right: No changing rooms or bumping into people, it’s time to focus on working out at home!


A Gentle Warm up

0327 pic_1

Before diving into core or cardio exercises, it’s always a good idea to warm up. This will get your heart pumping, increase circulation and prepare your body to gradually add more intense exercise. As we will be doing a very homely, yet demanding routine, we’ll go for a soft and gentle warm up.

 0327 pic_2

While staying in place, mimic a running motion, focusing on making every step as light as possible. This way, you will warm up and focus on your coordination. Make sure each step is lighter than the last, trying to run as quietly as possible, engaging your calves and abs. Do four rounds of 20 reps, pausing for a 30 seconds in-between.


Quick Core Exercises to do at Home

0327 pic_3

Lie down on the floor and raise yourself with your arms. Stay in this position and start raising one leg up, keeping it as straight as you can, imagining you are almost pushing the air up. Repeat 10 times on one leg, 10 on the other. Pause for 10 seconds and repeat. As you progress, add the intensity by doing 20 at a time.

0327 pic_4

It’s time to intensify the core workout. Lie down on your back. Sit up slightly engaging you upper abs, and put your legs up at a 90 degree angle, engaging your lower abs. Again, start by doing 2 to 3 reps of 10. Intensify as you get more confident doing this exercise.

 0327 pic_5

Let’s add some energy into our core workout before we transition into the final cardio exercise. Lie down on your back and repeat the half sit up engaging your upper abs, only this time do it to a side. Go for a bicycle motion with your legs. When your left arm is up, raise your right leg and vice versa. Start by doing 2 to 3 reps of 10. Add more reps as you go along.

Cardio and Cool Down

0327 pic_6

We’re almost there! The last exercise is lunges. Mimicking the focus on lightness of your warm up exercise, make sure each lunge is as light as possible. Focus on your breathing, and engage your muscles mindfully as you lunge. Just like with the other exercises, start by doing 2 to 3 reps of 10. Add more reps when you feel you are up for the challenge.





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