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We use NAD+ every day for basic functions like sleeping, breathing, eating, and drinking. But as our body ages, it becomes more difficult to maintain our cognitive and physical health. Tru Niagen® gives our body the extra power it requires to raise our NAD+ levels, strengthen cellular immunity, revive our cells and restore our youthful energy and vigor.

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Tru Niagen 3 in 1 Box Set

Tru Niagen® nourishes your cells with two 100mg capsules daily.

  • Cellular Energy: fuels your body’s energy engines—your mitochondria.
  • Cellular Defense: helps cells defend against metabolic stresses, such as overeating.
  • Cellular Repair: promotes repair at the cellular level, counteracting the effects of stress and time on your body.
  • Cellular Vitality: helps cells run more efficiently as you age, promoting youthful cellular function.

In short, it can be seen as an anti-aging & brain booster.

In addition to 11 published human studies, leading universities continue to study daily supplementation with Niagen® in humans for a variety of health outcomes. ChromaDex, the makers of Tru Niagen®, has engaged in over 200 research collaborations around the world with leading universities and institutions.


Tru Niagen Beauty 3 in 1 box set

Tru Niagen® Beauty ingredient activates NAD+ to speed up cell repair and boost cellular energy, which helps us to restore our youthful energy. Added hyaluronic acid further enriches our skin’s elasticity, and supports healthy hair and strong nails.

The formula of Tru Niagen® Beauty is designed to nourish cells below the surface, combining the cellular defense and repair power of Niagen® with clinically validated beauty nutrients:

  • Niagen®​: supports cellular defense and repair through increased NAD+
  • Hyaluronic Acid: clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Biotin: promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Grape Seed Extract & Vitamin E: supply antioxidants for healthy, beautiful skin

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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