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Annual parties, like Halloween, the Christmas and New Years Eve are coming up. At the end of a long party day, you may feel too exhausted to remove your makeup and just want to crash into bed. Just remember, don’t ever risk your skin from sleeping in makeup, unless you want your skin dry out and break. Here comes to only 3 ways to remove your party makeup completely in just a few minutes.

Remove Eye Makeup

Use a cotton pad with eye makeup remover to wipe off your mascara and eyeliner first. Close eye and hold the cotton pad for 10 seconds, then wipe the eye makeup off with gentle pressure.

young beautiful woman remove her make-up with cotton pad

Remove Foundation and blush

Wet your face and apply your daily cleanser to your skin. Start spreading cleanser with your cheeks and all over your skin. Use fingers to softly massage your face. Remember to cover your hairline and jawline. And let the cleanser stay for 10 seconds before you wash your face to make sure all foundation is eliminated.

The woman who takes care of her face

Finally: Remove Lip

Dark red lipstick makes you look elegant and stunning in the party. It is earlier than you think to remove the lip colour. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly over your lips. Leave it for 5 minutes and use a cotton pad to wipe the jelly off your lips. The oil in petroleum jelly is useful for removing the colour painted in your lips so well.

Woman removing make up with cleaning lotion close up. Red lipstick mark on white paper napkin

Those 3 easy ways can remove your party makeup completely. Remember to moisturize your skin and lips after the cleaning process to protect and keep your skin quality.

beautiful young girl with a bright make-up and in a shiny green dress striatet makeup from her face with a wet napkin. Hairstyle - curls are gathered in a bun.


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