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Single-use beauty and hygiene items generate a lot of waste in the bathroom. Ditch these items from your lives and swap to more eco-friendly beauty choices and habits that are kinder to the planet.

Cotton buds

The simple truth is, most people do not need to clean up their ears manually because our ears are meant to be self-cleaning. Using cotton swabs is not a safe way to remove earwax. Here is the ultimate guide for cleaning your ears safely.

Plastic toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes are devastating to the environment. You dispose of it at the end of its life. A plastic toothbrush takes 400 years to decompose. Swap to using a bamboo toothbrush is a better alternative. It takes only 3 years to decompose. Ensure to remove the nylon bristles before composting the bamboo toothbrush.

Bottled soap

Changing to sustainable beauty can be as simple as swapping from a plastic bottle to a bar of soap that contains zero plastic waste.

Or if you are a fan of liquid soap, buy a reusable bottle for your soap and refill it when needed.

Cleansing wipes

Facial cleansing wipes might be the go-to option for busy urbanites for its convenience and disposability. You can still enjoy these benefits with a more planet-friendly choice: makeup remover cloth! Simply wet the cloth with warm water and gently rub it on your face in small circular motions. Your makeup will come off easily.

Instead of disposing of the wipes after use, throw the towel into a washing machine and it will become clean as new.

Feminine hygiene products

Feminine hygiene waste can take centuries to biodegrade while the average woman uses over 11,000 tampons over her lifetime. An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products would be a menstrual cup, which can be used for 5 years, reducing waste from the source.


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