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Unveil the ultimate science-driven skincare trio in this d program x Watsons Beauty Box, from a multi-tasking skin-balancing softener to the highly anticipated restorative serum and repair cream. Read on and discover a curated collection of skin favourites with our exclusive d program x Watsons Beauty Box to keep your skin happy and healthy.  

What’s in the d program x Watsons Beauty Box?

This carefully curated collection features three hero products that are absolute game-changers – everything you need for a 3-step daily essential skincare routine to achieve plump, resilient, and youthful skin.

d program x Watsons Beauty Box

All products are designed to be hypoallergenic, based on 50 years of Delicate skin research from Japan. d program helps women with delicate skin live confidently by helping to achieve desired beauty—even in the presence of aggravating external and internal factors.

Discover the 3-step skincare routine with d program x Watsons Beauty Box

Step 1: d program Balance Care Lotion  

d program Balance Care Lotion  

Formulated to soothe, restore, and balance. This high-performance softener hydrates and nourishes your skin with its Balance Care Complex to fortify the skin’s natural barrier and balance the pH of the skin, protecting it from external aggressors and reducing the risk of irritation.

d program x Watsons Beauty Box

“It’s lightweight and fast absorbing! Instantly delivers a surge of moisture, quenching thirsty skin and leaving it feeling replenished and strengthened. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.”

Step 2: d program Intense Enriching Serum

d program Intense Enriching Serum

After applying the lotion, let the Intense Enriching Serum work its magic. With the power of the 5X Yeast Extract Complex and Horse Chestnut Extract, this restorative serum provides your skin with the extra TLC needed – soothing, restoring, and stabilizing. It’s just what your sensitive skin has been looking for to help with dryness and irritation.

d program x Watsons Beauty Box

“If your skin is dehydrated on top of being sensitive, this is the serum for you. Your skin will thank you for it! The skin-saving, non-sticky formula delivers intense moisture to protect, soothe, and plump simultaneously. Perfect for day and night use.”

Step 3: d program Skin Repair Cream

d program Skin Repair Cream

The last step is the ultimate SOS rescue cream that lives up to its reputation. Formulated without parabens, alcohol, fragrance, and colorants, it’s infused with safe and soothing active ingredients that strengthen and protect your skin barrier while keeping irritations at bay.

d program x Watsons Beauty Box

Whether you’re dealing with redness, dryness, or irritation, give it a try and experience how it makes a difference to your skin! The rich, dewy texture soothes and repairs the skin’s barrier, leaving it feeling smooth and moisturized round the clock.”

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