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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! What will you be getting your mom to show her how much you care? No ideas? Lucky for you! We gather different best Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to make your mom feel loved. Find out the best Mother’s Day gift ideas with us now!

#1 Hand cream

Woman in a green T-shirt and a maroon manicure applying hand cream

When you’re frequently washing your hands these days, a travel-sized hand cream is ideal as a gift for soft, smooth, pain-free hands. Your mom can just throw it in purse and take it anywhere she goes.

Get a whole set that comes with super-nourishing and wonderfully scented minis. She will never have dry hands again, ever.

#2 Serum

Cuticle oil bottle and a pipette with oil drop close up on a white background. Fingernail care concept.

A high-performance treatment serum can give her a serious boost of radiance throughout the day. Choose an anti-ageing formula with age-defying ingredients like Alpha-lipoic acid, retinol, coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C, to fight against dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

For those moms who don’t wear much makeup, a treatment serum is the perfect product for a healthy, youthful glow.

#3 Eye mask

The best Mother's Day gift ideas - eye mask

Spoil your mom with eye pads rich in anti-ageing, plumping and hydrating properties.

With an intensive formula, it just takes no more than 15 minutes to revive the delicate skin around the eyes, minimise puffiness and brighten dark circles. Let her eyes sparkle and shine with vitality.

#4 Lip gloss

Close up of young korean woman applying transparent lip gloss. Cropped shot of girl putting on makeup on her lips with applicator against beige background.

Make her smile even brighter with a shimmering lip gloss. Keep the colour natural. It can be worn alone or on top of matte finish lipsticks to add shimmer and depth for a natural and healthy lip look.

The gloss also helps hydrate and soften her pout with natural moisturising oils.

#5 Perfume

selection of perfume bottles surrounded by flower petals

Spoil your mom with the lovely scent. Perfume can bring your mom extra charming and energetic vibes. Every time your mom sprays the fancy and pleasing fragrance, she will remember how much you love her.

We suggest you to choose the scents that make your mom sophisticated and youthful at the time.

#6 Supplements and Vitamins

Give your mom healthy and glowing skin from inside to outside. For busy and health-conscious mothers, buy them supplements and vitamins like calcium, iron, and probiotics to support their health. 

Vitamins, supplements, healthy life concept.

#7 Facial massager

woman using handy ion introduction instrument. skincare concept.

Get an electronic massage tool to repay your mom for all the sleepless nights you caused when you were an infant. Look out for one that comes with a heated setting, which can relax tense facial muscles and helps serum, oils and creams penetrate better.

The best part? Your mom can pamper herself with a facial, all in the comfort of her own home.

#8 Family Photo Book/ Album

Group of beautiful multi-generational women of happy family sitting together on swings in garden looking photo album

You can make a family photo book to record your daily life and funny moments with your mom. Select and print the snapshots from your smartphone. Pick your mom’s favourite colour and things to design the photobook or to decorate the photo album.

Who can resist such a sweet and memorable gift on Mother’s Day?

#9 Custom Family Portrait

The best Mother's Day gift ideas- custome family portrait

A custom family portrait print can be another amazing Mother’s Day gift idea for your mom. This portrait print can guarantee every family member looks their best.


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