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ULTRA VIOLET is announced to be the 2018 Colour of the Year. It is really a very mysterious colour. In order to interact with the Pantone choice for the upcoming year, we rounded up the best ultra violet inspired usage to keep you on trend and powerfully purple.



0410 pic_1_0

Eyeliner, eye Shadow and lipstick are easy to apply ultra violet elements. If you don’t want to be looking too extreme, eyeliner of this colour is your safest bet. You can use purple on your upper eyelid for a day look or a glittery purple line on your lower lid for a night party look. Either way, it will look unique and classy. If you want to have a shade ahead, use purple or violet on your eyelids. This colour is often used in smoky, arabian eye makeup. Besides, lipstick can also be your choice. Not only red and pinks, violet is a very acceptable shade already.


Contact Lens

0410 pic_2_0

Contact lens is also a good choice to apply ultra violet colour.  It will effortlessly add a lot of colour and vibrancy to your eyes. If you want your eyes to reflect the magic of the sky and beyond, opt for a gorgeous violet contact lens.



0410 pic_3_0

If you still can’t decide how to use ultra violet in your daily life, you can start with incorporating the colour in your accessories. Belt, scarf, ear ring are some good examples that you can try. Besides, an ultra violet handbag or shoes can also draw others attention to you.

Highlighting the Hair

Ultra violet on whole hair may be to over, however, highlighting the hair with unconventional colours is the trend these days. This colour will show up on jet black hair as well as blonde hair.



0410 pic_4_0

Violet colour is good for party dress. A purple gown with a hint of gold embroidery and golden jewelleries will look great for the ethnic brides. And a deep violet dress or jumpsuit will make you stand out in any party crowd. You may also opt for a violet saree for an elegant evening look. Not only for night time, a purple jacket or blazer can also be your choice during the day.






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