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Have you ever noticed your hair colour change after you dyed your hair for a few weeks? The appearance of undesired yellow or orange tones in coloured hair. Purple shampoo is the perfect solution and has become a popular haircare trend to avoid brass hair. Here is everything you need to know about purple shampoo.

What is “Purple Shampoo”?

“Purple Shampoo” is also known as “Silver Shampoo”. Purple shampoo is designed with a purple pigmented formula to cleanse your hair like a regular shampoo, which is the perfect solution to neutralize brassy yellow and orange tones in blonde, bleached, highlighted, and silver hair and keep your hair colour vibrant.

Why you need it?

Natural yellow and orange tones often come through after coloured or bleached hair. Purple shampoo works to neutralize your brassy hair with each wash. Based on colour theory, purple is opposite to yellow on the colour wheel. When using a purple shampoo to cleanse your hair, a small amount of the purple pigment is absorbed to create a cooler colour and naturalize brassy tones. That’s why purple pigmented shampoo can help to eliminate yellow and orange tones instantly.

Female client in beauty salon. Close-up of hairdressers hand drying blond hair with hair dryer and round brush, doing professional hairstyle

Using a purple shampoo regularly can offer you brass-free dyed or natural blonde, silver, and grey hair at home. It can also nourish your hair and keep your hair colour vibrant. During the disease outbreak and the lockdown, using purple shampoo at home can avoid visiting the salon. Why not add purple shampoo or purple toner in your daily haircare routine now? Say no to brass and go for purple shampoo.


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