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It’s almost summer, the time of year when people with slim waists and flat tummies soak up attention. Jealous? If you want your own trim figure, now’s the time to start working out. And there’s a fun new way to exercise without even going to the gym! All you need are some straps. We’re talking about the popular TRX straps, of course. With these straps and some training on how to use them, you can burn fat and bask in attention with your own perfect figure!


TRX, or Total Resistance Exercise, was developed by the Navy Seals, and it’s designed to use all of your body’s muscles to develop your balance and strength. You can practise TRX at home or in the park – all you need are a yoga mat, your TRX straps, and an anchor point for the straps.


Recommended moves:

First, adjust the loop of the straps to below your knee, about halfway down your calf.

0508 pic_1_0

Move 1: Abs Roll

Kneel down, hold the TRX straps with both hands, and raise your toes to begin. Slowly push your straightened arms forward. Lean forward with your body straight and in line with your knees, then return to the starting position. Do 6-8 reps.

 0508 pic_2_0

Move 2: Pike

Begin in an elbow plank, with your feet crossed and suspended off the ground in the foot cradles of your TRX straps. Lift your hips towards the ceiling and lean your legs forward, keeping your elbows stationary and your hip muscles contracted, then return. Do 8-10 reps.

 0508 pic_3_0

Move 3: Sit Ups

Lie down in the position for sit-ups. Hold the TRX straps with both hands at your chest. Slowly curl up using the muscles of your waist and belly, helped by your arms. Extend your arms and curl back down. Do 6-8 reps.

0508 pic_4_0

Move 4: High Plank Mountain Climber

Begin as in Move 2, but in a straight-arm plank. By turns, drive your knees up to your waist while keeping your hip muscles contracted. Do 10-12 reps for each leg.

 0508 pic_5

Move 5: Plank Abductions

Begin as in Move 2. Spread your legs to a 75°-90° angle, then return. Do 14-16 reps.


Rest for 15 seconds between each move. After completing a set, rest for 1 minute and drink some water. Do 5 sets.


If you really want to slim down, pair your TRX training with a healthy, balanced diet. Monitor your caloric intake and make sure your meals are low in sugar, greasy foods and trans fats. Let’s all work together to get in shape for a great summer!




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