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You may just adapt to a new routine of working from home. After a few months of the lockdown, some companies are likely to start coming back to office work. Here are some useful tips to manage your return to the office.

(1) Bring the workforce back in shifts

Do not bring back all staff together. Companies are recommended to bring the workforce back in shifts to follow social distancing policy and avoid full office occupancy. Management needs to arrange which essential staff absolutely needs to back to the office in order to reduce the health risk.

Facility management department and IT department might be coming back first to get the workplace ready and set up desks and sanitize all equipment.

(2) Set up new rules for the office

Implementing temperature checks for staff and visitors while entering the office. Set up a sanitation area for disinfection and heat-detection cameras to quickly screen the body temperature.

All staff and visitors are compulsory to wear a mask. Increasing the distance between workstations. Keep reminding staff about regular hand washing and providing hand sanitizers or personal protective equipment. 

Avoid business meetings and visit the office to keep social distancing. Use Zoom or Teams meetings as alternatives.

(3) Digital sanitization

Cleaning up the digital mess after the remote working is essential. Staff may be downloading software, video games to their company computers. As the devices are going to be connecting directly into the company network, ensuring all company computers are clean and free of malware is critical.


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