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Feeling the pressure to make Valentine’s Day the most over-the-top romantic date you can think of? The trick is to stop paying attention to the #BoyDidGood posts and instead celebrate your love with an idea that’s as unique as your relationship. Whether you want to go classic, cheesy or something in-between, we’ve got a bright idea to cater to any kind of couple. 

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The ‘we-just-started dating’ Ideas

Get active: In the early stages of getting to know someone nothing will break down those boundaries quicker than a little dash of awkwardness and a sprinkle of being outside your comfort zone. Book in an unusual activity date – think rock climbing, ice-skating or salsa dancing – and the rush of endorphins from the exercise will have you laughing in no time.0208 pic_2

The Classic Ideas

Go for a romantic meal: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it right? Whether you choose to visit your favourite local restaurant or book a fancy 7-course meal, going for some grub is a date night ritual for good reason. Or if you want to save those pennies and use Valentine’s day to spend more quality time together then cook a meal at home together.

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The Cheesy Ideas

Say cheese with cute pictures: Whether you blow the budget and book in a photoshoot session or visit a local photo booth, taking snaps – not selfies – together will be fun at the time and you can also look back on your Valentine’s Day in years to come. Or if you already have enough pictures to open up your own gallery then pick your favourite and create a photo wall/collage dedicated to your best bits.

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The Creative Ideas

Attend a class: If you both love upskilling then go to a creative class together. From cooking classes to fragrance workshops, if you can think it – it exists!






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