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Looking for a lightweight and hydrating serum or lotion? Check out our latest editor review on Watsons Beauty Box with Dr. Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating Series.

Whether you are oily skin, dry skin, or sensitive skin, you need hydration and moisturizing. The key ingredients of Dr. Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating Series is Hyaluronic Acid.

The patented formula “Hyalucomplex” can activate the skin’s moisture production ability and rehydrate the skin continuously. It focuses on replenishing, revitalizing, and skin-plumping.

Watons Beauty Box, Dr. Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating Series, cleanser, toner, lotion, serum

The Dr. WU beauty box contains 4 products: cleanser, toner, serum and lotion. It’s a simple but effective skincare routine for normal to dry skin. All of them are free from soap, fragrance, alcohol, and colourant which is suitable for sensitive skin.

Check out our unboxing and try on video below:

Step 1: Cleanse with Dr. Wu Hydrating Gel Cleanser(150ml)

Dr. Wu Hydrating Gel Cleanser

The is non-soap gel cleanser is mild with a new 6th generation patented formula “Hyalucomplex”. It contains B3, B5 and ceramide. Hence, it can soothe irritation, lock in hydration and strengthen the skin barrier.

The gel texture is water-based with pH5.5. It won’t produce a bubbly texture like a foam cleanser. But it can remove the impurities and sebum while leaving the skin with moisture and a clear feeling.  

“Cleanse thoroughly without drying my skin. Great for sensitive skin like mine.”

Step 2: Tone with Dr. Wu Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner (Light) (150ml)

Watsons Beauty Box 2022, Dr. Wu Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner (Light)

Just like the cleanser, the toner is formulated with Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5 which also can soothe skin redness and inflammation.

As it is free from alcohol and fragrance, I like the light texture of the toner since it can be absorbed quickly and won’t make my skin sticky.

After using it, my skin becomes more radiant and supple. So, I think it’s quite suitable for oily skin too.

Moreover, you can soak the cotton pads with the toner and make an SOS hydrating mask when your skin is dehydrated. It can boost the skin’s moisture instantly.

Gooey but absorbs quite quickly! Skin feels very hydrated after use.

Step 3: Treat with Dr. Wu Ultimate Hydrating Serum(30ml)

Watsons Beauty Box, Dr. Wu Ultimate Hydrating Serum

This high concentrated hydrating serum infused with four types of hyaluronic acids, which can hydrate skin instantly and retain moisture over time. Also, it combines Vitamin B3、B5 and ceramide which help increase skin firmness and natural protective barrier.

The texture is watery and absorbs into my skin quickly. With a few pumps of the serum, my skin looks bouncy and dewy immediately.

Step 4: Hydrate with Dr. Wu Extra Hydrating Lotion(50ml)

Dr. Wu Extra Hydrating Lotion, Watsons Beauty Box

Formulated with Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, ceramide and plant extracts like Squalane, Scutellaria AO and almond, the lotion is upgraded to improve moisture retention and skin repairing. It doesn’t contain paraben, fragrance, alcohol and colourant.

When I first read the name of “Extra Hydrating Lotion”, my first thought was “gooey and thick”. However, it’s not.

The texture is creamy and airy without any greasy or sticky after-feel sensation. It makes my skin smoother and plumper. Therefoe, I also quite appreciate it doesn’t have any artificial fragrance or chemical smell.

Dr. Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating Series Overall Review:

  • The texture is light and airy
  • Free from fragrance & alcohol
  • Gentle formulation and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Quick absorption with instant moisture
  • Great for normal to combination skin or dehydrated skin

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