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Wellbeing means the state of feeling healthy and happy. It’s about physical and mental health. Especially during the pandemic, our lifestyle and workplace have changed a lot, which results in new challenges and adaptions. Taking care of our body and mind are both crucial. Follow these simple 5 steps to improve your physical and mental health.

Have a glance at the key points of self-care tips.

1. Get Active

Physical health and mental health are correlated. Maintaining your physical health and fitness is the base of achieving better mental health. 

Apart from eating well, and sleeping well, you should spend more time outdoors. You can either go hiking or just walk through a park or coast. Fresh air and sunshine raise our vibes and mood.

Moreover, you’re recommended to take 2.5 hours of moderate exercise or 1.5 hours of vigorous exercise per week. 

Running shoes runner man tying laces for autumn run in forest park. Runner trying running shoes getting ready for run. Jogging men exercise motivation heatlh and fitness.

2. Maintain Communication

vigorous exercise per week.  Emotional support from your friends and family is important to your mental wellbeing. Keeping in touch with them helps you to create a sense of belonging by sharing positive experiences. It makes you recognize and strengthen your self-worth.

Asian young mother and daughter making pizza at home. Woman open the oven and bring the food out from machine. Little girl looking at meal and smell it with smile face, enjoy famiy activity together.

Therefore, remember to savour time each day with your family like dinner together, chatting or playing a board game. Even though you live apart from your family and friends, you can try to have a video chat with them.

Also, you can ask your friends who haven’t seen you for a while to hang out. Having lunch or grabbing a coffee with your colleagues helps to build a stronger and closer relationship too.

3. Act Kindness

A small and kind action means a lot to others.  You can give your time to listen to others who are stressed and undergoing unpleasant experiences.  Give support and hope to them, tell them the situation will change in the future.

Moreover, be a volunteer and help others in your local communities or through non-profit organizations. By doing so, you can bring joy and happiness to yourself and others as well.

Young Asian man and women wearing orange gloves and collecting trash in garbage bag in the park. Save the earth and environmental concern concept

4. Keep Learning

Learning new skills can strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem. It helps you to find the purpose of your life and connect with people too.

From cooking methods, mental health techniques and makeup hack to professional workplace skills or language, you can learn them through YouTube, podcasts, or online courses.

Asian female student video conference with teacher and friends using e-learing app on laptop computer at home.woman lying down on normal learning online lifestyle

5. Be Present

Enjoy the present moment by practising mindfulness or meditation. This means focusing on your body, breathing and the world around you right now.

Stop worrying the future and regretting the past. It helps to know yourself better with a clear and calm mind. As a result, you can enjoy your life more.

Here are some tips on how to be more mindful.

  • Create your morning rituals
5 morning rituals to start your day, mental health tips, wellbeing
  • Make meditation a daily habit
  • Try on breathing exercise for 5-10mins per day

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