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Monochrome makeup is one of the edgy makeup trends in 2019. You can simply match your eyeshadow color to your lip color for a chic look. It is playful to mix and match different shades of the same color tone. Here are some tips on how to rock monochrome makeup.


Beautiful woman with natural make-up

(1) Go Neutral

Choose a base color for your makeup look first. You can use various shades of the base color for different areas of your face. If brown is your base color, you can apply deep brown eyeshadow on your lids, brown eyeliner on your waterline, light bronze blush on your cheeks and nude color lipstick on your lips.


beautiful girl with a golden shiny make-up and stars on her lips. Beauty face. Photo taken in the studio.

(2) Go Bright

Bright hues are surefire for a monochrome makeup look. For example, if you choose a bright gold color as a base color, you can pick two areas of your face (eyes and cheeks/eyes and lips/cheeks and lips) to feature and enhance with bright gold color. Don’t use a single bright color for your whole face to avoid an overwhelming makeup look. Just leave some facial features neutral.

Creamy make up products - top view of decorative cosmetic containers isolated on white backgroiunds

(3) Use Multi-Functional Makeup Products

You are not essential to buy a new set of makeup products to create a unique monochrome makeup. You can use some multi-functional makeup products. For example, if you are out of rosy pink eyeshadow, you can use a rosy pink cream blush for your lids and lips. You can also manipulate the makeup products you want. Mix eyeshadow powder with translucent setting powder can form blush powder. Mix blush powder with Vaseline can create lip balm.

Creative eye make-up, beauty

(4) Different Textures

Monochrome makeup can play with different textures such as gloss, cream, matte, satin and shimmery. Mix and match is the key. For an edgy makeup look, you can match a shimmery eyeshadow with a satin blush and lipstick. For a romantic makeup look, you can match a creamy blush with a glossy lipstick. Let’s try to create your own monochrome makeup look!


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