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Is your skin too dry to put on your makeup? It is the challenge that people with dry skin needs to handle every day. The trick is there are useful tricks to keep your makeup last all day. Help you kick out the daily problem. Read on to find out these helpful tricks!

Liquids formula

For the dry skin, hydration is very important to keep you looking fresh throughout the day. If you use the makeup products with powder formula, your skin will get drier, since it is great for the oily skin to absorb excess oil. So buying makeup products with liquid or cream formula to hydrate your skin is suitable for those with dry skin for sure.

Cosmetic products

Exfoliate regularly

Find out your makeup is easy to flake after a few hours you just put on it, you may consider it is caused by dry patches. But it may also blame for the dead skin as well. The dead skin layer will barry any moisturizer you put on daily. Remove some of the dead skin layers, so that you can truly hydrate your skin by the moisturizer you put on before makeup. It is suggested to exfoliate one to two times a week.

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Travel-sized toner

In the middle of the day, your skin may start to look dry. It is suggested you can bring a travel-sized hydrating spray with you to moist your skin. A few hydrated mist help balance your skin to stay away from flaking off to keep your face looking soft and glowing.

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Proper diet

Feeling your skin and lips always dry even if you don’t wear any makeup. Then, you should consider whether it is related to your diet. Are you drinking at least 8 cups of water a day? Or do you intake too many sugars? Bear in mind that drinking coffee, alcohol or having sugar may make your skin and lips feeling parched. So drinking and eating wisely can keep your skin hydrated.

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