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It is not easy for dry skin to apply makeup, since makeup can make your complexion become drier. In fact, to avoid the cakey face, it depends on what kind of makeup products you use. It’s time to review your dry skin makeup products to start a hydrated and youthful look.


Some of us skip the primer in our makeup process. However, for dry skin, it can create a smooth quality for face makeup application later and keep our makeup last longer. It should one of the essential makeup product to keep skin moisturizing.

Skin care concept.

Liquid foundation

Cakey face is one of the biggest problem after applying the foundation. Liquid foundation contains watery formula that provide better moisture than the powder foundation. Your complexion will look hydrated and fresh all day. Liquid products are definitely essential for dry skin girl.

Cosmetic products

Cream Eyeshadow

Once you start using the cream eyeshadows, you are going to love it and won’t be able to stop. It is easy to apply and consider as an effortless cream that last throughout the day. And it is suggested to apply it by ring finger to put it over the lid.

Conceptual photo of Valentine's day. Eye of Girl with Festive Pink Makeup. Paper heart on a pink background. Love symbols Valentines day

Cream blusher

For dry skin, even the oil skin in cold days, cream blush will save your skin from being dry out. A cream blusher not only makes you look natural and moist, but also gives your skin a more youthful appearance. It is the best for dry skin girls.

Close-up portrait of young beautiful brunette woman with professional natural looking make-up looks fresh and lovely Perfect glowing skin Peach pink color lipstick brown shimmer eyeshadow and blush Fashion model studio portrait on light background

Gloss balm

Coloured balm can give a little shine on your lip that makes you look healthy. If you have a dry lip, wearing matte lipstick is not a good option for you. Instead, a gloss balm can keep your lip hydrated and bring your lips some shiny colour.

Fillers plump plastic herpes surgery concept. Close up cropped photo of big full natural with lipgloss lips teeth biting lips blonde hair hairstyle isolated on background


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