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Blending is the key to makeup. Of course, not all of us are makeup professionals and the good news is that blending can be really easy to learn for beginners. Here are the simple ways to show you the natural way to blend eye shadow. Let’s read on to find out!


Before applying makeup, it is important to prep your skin. The same principle applies to eye makeup as well. Apply under eye cream and gently massage the eye area. It is important to moisturize the area and relieve dryness. Then, apply primer over and under the eyes for eyeshadow to stay on for as long as possible.

Professional make-up artist applying cream base eyeshadow primer to model eye. Beauty, makeup and fashion concept

Base color

You can cover the whole lid in a base color that works well for your eye color or skin tone and dips your brush into it. Swipe the brush across the whole lid. Or you can blend using your finger.

woman applying eyeshadow on eyelid using makeup brush

Second color: darker shade

For the second color, you should choose a color that is slightly darker than your base shade. This can create the illusion of shadow and depth in the crease that you apply. Make sure don’t bring the color all the way down to the inner corner of your eyelid. All you need is to apply this darker color evenly along the crease.

young beautiful woman applying eyeshadows isolated on grey

Blend the center

Once you are done applying the color on the lid, blend both the eyeshadows using a medium-sized fluffy brush. Move your brush back and forth across the crease of your eye and blend the color horizontally. You can also make small circles with your brush, moving inward until you’ve reached the center of your eyelid.

Makeup close-up. Eyebrow makeup, long eyelashes, brush.


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