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You might use to have some make-up problems, so you decided to invest in more expensive products to fix it. However, it eventually happens again and you get frustrated. What you need is the make-up tips to prevent it from happening.

Lipstick on teeth

The popular make-up problems that women encounter – transfer the lipstick onto your teeth. To keep your lipstick off your teeth, you can just put a finger in your mouth and wrap your lips around to remove the potential lipstick that would get on your teeth.

Close up of a caucasian face and mouth with red lips and lipstick on her white teeth

Eyeshadow fallout

One of the common problems is you will notice some black dust from your smoky eye falling onto your cheeks. To prevent it from ruining your make-up look, you can change the order you apply make-up, i.e. wear your eyeshadow first, then apply the foundation. So then the fallout can be removed easily and keep your make-up perfect.

Face of a beautiful girl with smoky eyes makeup posing at studio over dark background

Eyeliner smudging

You’re definitely not alone, if your eyeliner fades away easily throughout the day. Many women experience that as well. Apply an eyeshadow primer or oil-free stick concealer to your lids before eyeliner, it can prevent your eyeliner from smudging or fading down.

Woman with smeared mascara and red lipstick in a depression

Cakey foundation

Cakey face always embarrasses you among the crowd. To make sure it won’t happen to you, you can apply some oil-free primer or cream to create a smooth and hydrated canvas for you to wear you make-up.

Eye, macro shot, slight texture added.

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