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Before you apply makeup to dry skin, prime your skin to give it the moisture that it needs. Also, choosing the right products to formulate the dry skin is significant as well. Read on and follow a few simple tips and using the right products, you can expertly apply makeup to a dry complexion.

#1 Moisturize your skin

For the dry skin, you can always add an extra-hydrating moisturizer. After washing your face, you could apply toner, serum, lotion even a facial mask before makeup. You can focus on the driest areas such as the nose, forehead and chin. They can nourish your skin and provide long-lasting hydration for your makeup.

Beauty skin care woman apply cream on her face

#2 Wear primer

If you have dry skin, primer is especially useful because it helps create a smooth canvas for your makeup application and your makeup can be easily applied. In order to avoid too much primer, you can use one dot for the small areas such as chin, nose and eyelids. After wearing the primer, your makeup will become more blendable. And you will find that the primer can also help your make stay in place.

Palette of mat concealer tubes on white background

#3 Use liquid foundation

Choosing the right foundation formula is important for dry skin. The power formula is easy to make any patchiness more noticeable. So it is better for the dry skin to use the liquid foundation. It helps to absorb excess oil and moisture on the skin. You can use a foundation brush to blend the foundation into your skin.

Close-up of flat makeup brush with liquid foundation tube isolated on white

#4 Set with water spray

When it comes to setting your makeup when you have dry skin, use setting spray instead of the powder option. Powders have the tendency to make your skin look cakey. Setting spray has a moisturizing effect to ensure your makeup lasts all day.

Beautiful woman beauty fashion thermal water spray for face in hand on white background isolation


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