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To achieve flawless makeup, concealer is key. It is used to hide dark circles, acne and blemishes and lighten your face. Choosing the right concealer to suit your skin type and beauty needs can keep your makeup look perfect all day. Here are the tips to choose your all-time favourite concealer.

Concealers for dry skin

For the one with dry skin, cream concealer is the best option for covering dark circles. It is easy to apply and won’t make your skin dry out. It provides medium coverage that better hides the skin discoloration. If you want to cover lines and wrinkles, it is suggested to blend with pressed powder to improve its coverage function.

Foundation color samples on white background

Concealers for oily skin

If you are with oily skin, you should stay away from the creamy concealers. Creamy textures tend to create oily shine and may lead to break-outs for oily skin. Liquid concealer is recommended for oily, sensitive and normal skin type. It is good at covering the wrinkles and pimples and still provides a natural look.

Cosmetic products

How to apply concealer

No matter what skin type you are, the steps for applying concealer remain the same. Applying concealer in the right way can make sure your makeup last throughout the day.


1.apply a light layer of moisturizer to your face and eye area

2.dab the concealer onto dark circles, acne and blemishes and blend out gently

3.apply powder foundation or press powder to finish your natural look with flawless skin

young woman applied concealer on her eye circles

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