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Pure Beauty’s products are always derived from antioxidant-based blends of ingredients created from the finest natural resources for long-term results. And this time I was attracted by its name – Urban Shield, the concept of it mainly defends the skin from air pollution and blue light damages. As a result, I am pretty satisfied with the products and here you go the product review below.

Protective Day Lotion SPF20

I am a huge fan of this day lotion. It works well both as a skin hydration booster and sunscreen. Although It is creamy texture, it is light and easy to blend on the skin. It also provides a soft, matte finish that protects my skin without feeling oily. It also helps smooth my fine lines and wrinkles as well.

1032 pic 1

2-in-1 Cleanser

I like the product with multifunction. It is very convenient, and I can decide how to use it based on the skin condition that day. Use it in the morning and gently massage as a daily cleanser in your skincare routine. Or you can apply a thin layer over your face and wait for just 3 minutes, then rinse off. It feels that there’s a very thin and light film on your face. I really like this hydrating feeling.

1032 pic 2

Cleansing mousse

If you want to have a cleansed and pollution-free skin, deep cleansing is important as well. The Cleansing mousse is designed with the pump bottle that comes out with smooth and creamy foam. I really love it because it can reach the pores and cleanse away any impurities, and it does not leave any dry and sticky feeling. My skin tone really gets improved after washing off.

1032 pic 3

Cleansing facial wipes

I wear makeup everyday so a makeup remover is a must for me. The cleansing wipes are well-moistened that I can remove all make-up, pollutants and excess oil in just one swipe. Also, it doesn’t feel heavy after using the wipes. I just feel fresh, clean and soothe after using.


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