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Everyone wants to achieve flawless, dewy and glowing skin complexion. Women with gorgeous skin are not just lucky. They work at their skin hard. Here are the things women with perfect skin always do. Check them out!

Makeup Remove. Beautiful Girl Cleaning Face Skin With White Cosmetic Pad. High Resolution

(1) Remove makeup before going to bed

Removing makeup and cleansing your face thoroughly before bedtime is important. Your skin is healing while you are sleeping. If you do not remove your makeup before going to bed, dirt and residue are pushed deeper into the pores. It will lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Using micellar cleansing water with cotton pads can remove makeup quickly and effectively. And, no rinsing required.

Close up portrait pensive serious millennial woman holding glass drink still water. Beautiful healthy pensive female on diet starting day with fresh natural water healthy lifestyle good habit concept

(2) Drink plenty of water

Women with beautiful and glowing skin always drink plenty of water all day. Applying moisturizer for your face and body is basic daily skincare routine. Stay your body hydrated inside out can keep your skin radiant. Drink 8 glasses of water is the daily minimum. Don’t only drink when you feel thirsty or post-workout. You are already dehydrated!

Dieting or good health concept. Young woman rejecting Junk food or unhealthy food such as fried chicken or dessert and choosing healthy food such as fresh fruit or vegetable.

(3) Avoid eating junk food

For a well-balanced diet, you should avoid eating processed, snacks and junk foods. If most of your daily calories come from unhealthy foods, your skin needs to pay the price. You should also aware of the consumption of sugar. Excess sugar consumption can speed up glycation in the skin. Glycation accelerates the breakdown of collagen. It may lead to clogged pores, acne, breakouts and your skin will become dull.

Woman running in the city

(4) Workout regularly

A healthy lifestyle is comprised of a balanced diet and regular exercises. Workout regularly can boost your mood and strength of your body. Sweating can help enhance blood circulation and lower the stress hormone cortisol. It can lower skin aging and reduce breakouts.


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