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It is unavoidable that you may have a pimple popped up or your skin is irritated and dry in the morning. But don’t feel sad about your complexion, it happens to all of us as well. The point is how to fix a bad skin day. Here are quick and easy ways.

Start with a cleanser

Don’t be panic. The first and the most important thing to turn around a bad skin day immediately is to wash your face. A cleanser with hydrated and pimple-fighting ingredients, like aloe and lemon, can help improve your complexion and reduce redness.

The woman who takes care of her face

Moisturizer & oil

People who have oily skin type, always be afraid of oils. But it is one of the best tricks for your bad skin day. When your skin looks dull and dry, especially for the day you travel, you can drop some oil into your moisturizer to give extra hydration for your skin.

Dropping serum collagen moisturizer of face into clear yellow bottle soft light background. Protector skin Treatment facial essence oil, Vitamin C. Beauty and spa Concept.

Eye cream & Concealer

Lack of sleep last night? Your dark circles under eyes emerge unexpectedly. There are two ways you can immediately fix your bad skin day. Firstly, grab your eye cream. A concentrated eye cream can fight wrinkles, replenish and dark circles. Secondly, a concealer will be your savior. It can cover up your blemishes and dark circles. Remember not to apply a thick layer of concealer. It won’t make you dry out and can last all day.

Natural beauty portrait of young woman applying cream on her face


UV rays and sunlight can do serious damage to your skin, especially during your bad skin day. Sunscreen should be your daily skincare regime for all skin type. If you skip the sun protection, you will not only get sunburnt, but also get more wrinkles. It is sure to have more bad skin days in the future. Apply about 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon of sunscreen for your whole face and neck to ensure coverage to turn around your bad skin day.

Suntan lotion. Woman applying sunscreen solar cream on face. Beautiful happy cute girl puts suntan cream from plastic container bottle on her nose and cheecks. Skincare concept. Female in straw hat and bikini on beach.


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