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A healthy diet is the world trend. Mediterranean diet is not only considered as a diet plan that helps lose weight, but also for a healthy heart. Unlike other healthy diets, which include fruits, vegetables, fish, but limit fats. For the Mediterranean diet, it emphasizes eating vegetables and healthy fats. Read on to discover more.

What is Mediterranean diet?

It is considered as a healthy diet that inspirited by the eating habits from the countries around the Mediterranean, such as Greece, France, Italy and Spain. It mainly contains vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, fish, healthy oils. Intake some meat and dairy foods are also allowed but with a small amount a month in the Mediterranean meal plan.

Table top still life of foods high in healthy fats such as Salmon, olive oil, nuts and avocados with vegetables and herbs.

Dos and Don’ts

To eat: Fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, olive oil

To eat usually: Eggs, cheese and yogurt

To eat less: Red meat

To avoid: Processed meat, added sugar, refined grains and oils, trans fat

Close-up Of A Human Hand Filling Meal Plan In Checkered Pattern Notebook

Meal plan

Day #1

Breakfast: Whole grain bread with a piece of cheese and tomatoes

Lunch: Smoked salmon with lemon sauce

Snacks: an orange

Dinner: Roasted chicken with salad


Day #2

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with fruit and honey

Lunch: Green salad with nuts

Snacks: a cup of raspberries

Dinner: White fish cooked in olive oil with a potato

Roasted sea bream fish with lemon slices and salad

Day #3

Breakfast: Whole grain toast with unsweetened nut butter

Lunch: Fatty sardines with boiled greens

Snacks: Handful of nuts

Dinner: Roasted vegetables in olive oil and chicken & White Bean Soup


Day #4

Breakfast: Muesli with berries

Lunch:  Quinoa Salad and Roasted greens

Snacks: Handful of dried fruit

Dinner: Salmon with quinoa

Healthy buddha bowl lunch with grilled chicken, quinoa, spinach, avocado, brussels sprouts, broccoli, red beans with sesame seeds on dark gray background. Top view.

Day #5

Breakfast: Scrambled egg with tomatoes

Lunch: Vegetables cooked in olive oil with tomato sauce

Snacks: Half cup of Greek yogurt with nuts

Dinner: Grilled seafood and roasted broccoli with quinoa

"Bowl of muesli with Greek yogurt, raspberries, honey and nuts"

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