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Discover BANOBAGI, a top Korean skincare brand backed by science. Founded in South Korea, BANOBAGI is rooted in dermatology, with over two decades of clinical experience. With a team of experienced dermatologists and researchers, they take an innovative science-backed approach to product development and create formulas that deliver real, clinically proven results.

The result? Hypoallergenic products you can feel good about putting on your skin. BANOBAGI commitments to omitting 11 common irritants means even sensitive complexions stay calm and clear.

Whether you seek to treat specific issues or maintain a youthful complexion, you can rely on BANOBAGI to deliver advanced medical grade skincare backed by years of clinical expertise. Read on and find out more about the hottest masks handpicked for our exclusive BANOBAGI x Watsons beauty box.

Check out what’s inside BANOBAGI x Watsons Beauty Box

BANOBAGI Black Mask Range
  • Black Mask (White Lasting/Acne Detoxy/ Baby Face/Shiny Glow)
  • DX Mask (Anti Sebum Pore/Acne & Acne Spot /Caffeine & Puffiness/Hya Aquaplex/ White & Young)
  • Damage Skin Premium Mask


White Lasting

This K beauty find caught my eye with key skin-brightening ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Tranexamic Acid and Arbutin working to even tone while Yuzu and high-dose Vitamin C exfoliate dead skin. After just one use, your tired, dull complexion looks clearer and more luminous – you could literally see your skin glowing. It’s well worth the investment for those seeking a natural skin lightening solution.

Acne Detoxy

This mask promises to be saviors for acne-prone skin. It combines the mighty powers of 10 targeted extracts to deeply clear breakouts and prevent new ones. A powerhouse complex of salicylic acid, garcinia and tea tree oil gets to work killing p.acnes bacteria and reducing existing pimples. Willow bark and LHA work hard to reduce post-acne marks and tighten pores.

This mask is for anyone struggling with acne-prone or congested skin looking to get clear, balanced skin without harsh side effects.

Baby Face

This Baby Face mask delivers glowing, youthful skin with just one use thanks to its potent “Baby Face Boosters’’, with the rejuvenating powerhouse of Broccoli, Witch Hazel, Peony, and Fermented Rice in it to visibly plump fine lines and nourish dull skin back to life. For a quick fix to restored luminosity and firmness, this mask is a miracle worker.

Shiny Glow

The Black Mask Shiny Glow delivers a mega-dose of hydration for parched, dull skin. Packed with 8 nourishing extracts, it reinvigorates my complexion with a healthy dewy glow. Lemon, peppermint, and tea tree (Phyto-Glow Complex) work to control breakouts while simultaneously minimize pores and even skin tone.

Whether you need long-lasting moisture or a confidence boost, this hardworking mask brings back your skin’s natural glow effortlessly.


Anti Sebum Pore

A two-in-one treatment that effectively controls oil and refines pores. The enhanced formula features a lineup of skin saviors like Job’s Tears and Licorice extract which work together to regulate sebum production and keep shine at bay all day.

Slathering on the sleeping mask before bed, you will wake up to a healthy, balanced complexion.  

Acne & Acne Spot

This two-step system is an acne-fighting dream. The targeted treatment sheet mask utilizes a potent Dermatic AC3 complex of Lotus and Japanese Cedar to reduce existing breakouts while soothing redness and inflammation. After 15 mins, acne marks look visibly lighter and the follow up sleeping mask, enriched with oil-controlling Jujube extract, hydrates your skin without adding unwanted shine back into pores.

If persistent breakouts have you down, indulge in this restorative Korean set for repaired, radiant skin you’ll love.

Caffeine & Puffiness

This 2-step masks work hard to deliver bright, wide-awake skin. The refreshing anti-puffiness mask utilizes a potent Triple Caffe blend of caffeine, coffee, and cocoa to deeply de-puff even the most tired skin and eyes to restore radiance. Your skin and under-eye area look well-rested and noticeably brighter after a good night’s sleep.

Suitable for anyone who needs an effective solution to puffy skin from late nights or stress.

Hya Aquaplex

Craving pure hydration that strengthens over time? Indulge in the replenishing powers of this duo. The hydrating powerhouse mask replenishes moisture with hyaluronic acid to plump up even the driest complexions.  The lightweight sleeping mask locks it all in as you snooze – upon waking, your skin drinks it all up, looking fresh and dewy.

Perfect for weather-beaten or sensitive skin, this set infuses long-lasting hydration without heaviness or stickiness. 

White & Young

This multi-tasking treatment is absolute must-have for the vanity of any woman chasing a rejuvenated, luminous complexion. Powerhouse ingredients include Whitening-KEY, Celery and Sea Buckthorn to visibly plump fine lines, restore elasticity and give a radiant glow to even the most mature skin concerns. Combined with the silky sleeping mask, this set instantly turns back the hands of time.

BANOBAGI Damage Skin Premium Mask

All skin types can benefit from its restorative magic. Combining the potent repair powers of Caviar fish roe extract and patented Carob extract with over 10 nourishing skin foods, this mask targets 8 complexion concerns from dehydration to breakouts. Slather it on for just 30 mins and you’ll achieve baby soft, glass skin.

Discover BANOBAGI, a Top Korean Skincare Brand Backed by Science


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